Personal Puzzles

Personal Puzzles mimic the layout of a Sudoku puzzle.

They are titled personal
because I invite friends and fellow artists to select colors.

As no number can repeat
in a column or row of a Sudoku puzzle, when I apply alphanumerical synesthesia
to a puzzle, no color can repeat in a column or row.  

While solving the puzzle,
I determine how finished to make the grid.

Chance and choice
are at work.

Colors sink into the white paper while the unsolved squares of the grid expand out into the blankness. The relationship of a single color, a pair, or a combination to the whole constructs its identity.

Graphite lines outline certain sections of each puzzle, augmenting the composition, and breaking up the grid.

The combination of personal color preferences and Sudoku puzzles means unlimited compostions.

Personal Puzzles measure
30 x 22 inches as a sheet of BFK Rives paper.

Since the medium is acrylic they may be hung without frames, corresponding to the character of Sudoku puzzles
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Andrea # 31


Jim # 51


Stan # 30


Elizabeth # 33


Mary Jo # 24


Jerre # 38


Rose # 45


Nance # 37